Solid Silver and Rhodium Plating: The Power Couple of Jewelry Materials

Solid silver with rhodium plating – it’s like the power couple of jewelry materials. You get the best of both worlds: solid silver brings that classic shine, while rhodium plating adds durability and a long-lasting sparkle. Rhodium forms a protective shield, making your silver jewelry tarnish-resistant, and that’s a win for maintenance.


The Durability and Value of 14k and 10k Solid Gold

14k and 10k solid gold offer a balanced blend of durability and affordability. With their unique gold content, they provide an ideal mix of elegance and strength. The incorporation of other metals ensures your jewelry stands up to daily wear and maintains its timeless appeal. These alloys offer both lasting beauty and a cost-effective option for quality jewelry.


Dillon Cassesse: Elegance with High-Quality Jewelry at Elegance Du Monde

At Elegance Du Monde, we offer high-quality solid gold and rhodium-plated solid silver jewelry, synonymous with timeless elegance and craftsmanship. Founded by Dillon Cassesse in Raleigh, NC, our brand is dedicated to excellence, using the finest materials to create enduring beauty. Thank you for choosing Elegance Du Monde, where timeless elegance meets luxury.

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